Lucky things have been going on recently.

Things are going well.

Is this really good?

If “luck” continues
I am very happy.

But when good things continue
Think about this?

What will happen after this?

I thought about it several times, and bad things happened many times.

I thought then

“Oh, bad things happened.”

This time, I will explain the origin and mechanism of “Why do bad things happen?”


to introduce.

I hope it helps you.

Please take a look.

Why do you feel “bad things happen”?

1. I think good things don’t last long

As you may have heard,

Some say, “Good things don’t last long.”

In addition, there is a saying called “Human Everything Okina is Horse”, which states “Happiness and unhappiness are unpredictable, so you do not have to worry about what happened.”

Setouchi Jakucho also says the same thing, “There are good and bad things in our lives.”

A peaceful era does not always last long, and disasters and incidents occur. But if you’re crying all the time, it’s not. Humans are getting back up little by little. Because this world is eternal, the same situation does not continue. It will always change.

Setouchi “Words for Living Today”

Doesn’t this mean that even if good things happen in a row, they won’t last long?

2. I have run out of “luck”

I was so lucky that I was out of luck and thought, “In the future, only bad luck will happen!”

When I was lucky in the past, I was serious about the theory that “I lost luck ..” “The future needs to live with bad luck.”

I lamented myself, saying, “Everything goes wrong.”

3. bad sign?

-The calm before the storm-

According to these words,
“It’s a sign of bad things happening.”

This is also from my experience, but when something bad happens, I think I was happy when I looked back.

But when you think of the opposite, you may feel unhappy if you look back at the previous when something good happens.

4. I believed in the words of the people around me.

People around me say …

“Good things don’t last long”

“You are scared in the future”

“Your happiness is only now”

After hearing such direct words, I was convinced that “really bad things happen.”

People around me said the same thing and thought, “Are there really bad things happening?”

5. Because I actually “experienced”

Good things followed, bad things happened!

“I have experienced this in the past.” When I experienced a bitter experience in my memory and the same situation occurred, “Does bad happen?”

For some reason, the mindset and body may have responded sensitively to “good things don’t last” and “bad things happen.”

About origin and mechanism

So why do you think that bad things will happen if good things continue?
I will explain the origin and what seems to be the mechanism.

This world has “plus and minus”

“The meaning of words of right and wrong”

This is dualism.

This is the concept that everything in this world has pluses and minuses.

“Both entities create matter and spirit.”

Dualism is the concept that, as the fundamental principles of the world and things, they consist of two contradictory principles or fundamental elements or can be divided into two categories. . For example, the principle is good and evil, and the elements are spirit and object. Dualism varies widely depending on the region and era in which it is spoken.

Reference: Wikipedia

In a common example …

Fire and water, light and darkness, sugar and salt

Men and women, hot and cold, fast and slow

Anger and joy, loss and profit, negative and positive


This dualism cannot be achieved by either, and is “stabilized” by maintaining a balance between plus and minus.

The earth where we live has day and night, and the temperature rises too much in the daytime alone, so it is too hot for people to live.

Rain, which gives blessings to the land, can cause flooding over a long period of time, and the lack of sunlight prevents plants from growing and the ecosystem itself from sustaining.

In our daily life, the balance between positive and negative is actually alternating, so we can live normally.


There are pros and cons in this world.

I can’t balance with one or the other.

I can understand that.

The pioneers learned this feeling from their lives and said that there were good and bad things.

Swing back theory

These pluses and minuses are unique.

If it leans to plus or minus“Return to stable state.”

For example, if you apply force to the water that has accumulated in a bath, the surface of the water moves and generates waves.

And after a while, the water surface stops moving and becomes quiet.

This is because the energy of the waves added to the water “balances” with gravity, making the water surface quieter.

Similarly, because the energy of events is in the quality of things, it applies to what is called dualism (good) and (bad).

Good emotion = plus energy

Bad emotions = minus energy

The fact that the bath water undulates means that “positive power” produced positive energy.

And the “return force” that keeps the surface of the water quiet by suppressing the power of waves becomes negative energy.

In other words, the water surface was calm and “± 0 state” because the balance between positive and negative energy was maintained.

The purpose of this plus and minus is to “stabilize” so that if one of them goes out of balance, it will always “revert”.

Therefore, when there is a lot of positive energy in nature, it happens that enough negative energy is needed to recover it.

However, the energy to return to stability does not mean stopping at the stop line like a car brake.

As much as the energy of the bias,
Move to the other side beyond the stop line.

What do you mean? If you say,
Moves the same amount as a swing, like a swing in a park.

The same amount of energy moves minus.

This energy transfer

This is called swing back.

This phenomenon is not an event of physics and nature, but an event of our “feelings and consciousness.”

The diet was successful but rebounded.

Lottery was a big hit and a lively life.
Since then, debt has gone too far.

In the past, married a boyfriend hated for some reason

If the energy is distorted in either direction, the reaction returns the energy to the symmetric (reverse) direction.

Good things continue (plus energy)

↓ (swing back)

Bad things happen (minus energy)

Since such an event has been happening for a long time, those who know swingback have told us that there would be some kind of reaction if there was a bias.


“Notice” negative side

What we consider “good” and “lucky” always has a plus and a minus.

When good is happening, your brain will only see good, so you can say “I don’t know the bad.”

This is a condition where the brain collects only good things and does not notice bad things.

One of the causes of trouble is that you did not notice the downside.

There is a story that a person who had a happy life in traffic safety study became unhappy in a momentary accident.

There is a scene that regrets, “I must drive like this.” This is called “notice”.

This notification is like driving

Because people may jump out of the corner
Driving can be braked immediately.

I can’t stop many speeds suddenly
Beware of safe speed.

And so on.

“Notification” is important when good things continue.

So if you come across the image of a bad thing, look back on yourself.

It is important to look for notifications.

If you can get this recognition, you will see the misery you did not see.

When you see hidden misfortune, think about the “minus” before it becomes a big deal.

Then avoid trouble and return to peace of mind.

Dare “training of the mind”

Good things are happening recently, but if you feel scared, there are ways to go back to minus.

This raises awareness of preventing and avoiding trouble.

But I feel painful and going back to minus is just a concept of perversion.

Here is a way to go back to minus

The concept of accumulating virtues.

The typical ways to accumulate virtue are as follows.

Cleaning and organizing

The basis for accumulating virtues is cleaning and organizing.

For activities that lead to “adjustment of the mind” such as cleaning, organization, and affection, washing, cooking, childcare, and gardening are optimal.

Contribution to the world

It is a good virtue to do what the world can do without gains and losses.

The ability to contribute to society, such as donating money, donating anonymously, feeling sharing, and supporting people with disabilities, leads to the accumulation of good virtues.

Happiness of people

Provides smile, excitement and joy. This is a great virtue.

Also please your wife who has lived for many years and say, “I still love you.”

Until your wife smiles.


What this lesson means is something you don’t know.

Thinking about things you don’t normally do, such as volunteering, is learning to become more aware of invisible negatives.

Wish for happiness

This “wish” is not your own wish but a “wish of another person”.

If you wish for happiness to others, the trouble will be further away from you. (Family, lover, friend, caring person, etc.)

Give thanks to a convenient world

If good things are happening, it is a miracle.

Because the happiness we feel is a collection of benefits.

If you can feel “thank you” when you benefit, bad energy will move away from us.

If you have a problem now

Forget to thank

There are factors.

For example..

Go to Disneyland.


Lucky events etc.

When we feel happy, we are the result of the “power” that some mechanism, place, object, tool of people has brought.

★ For example, domestic water used for bathing

There was a person who made a hot water supply system.

There was a person making a route to the house.

There were people branching the water into the city.

There were people who built a water purification plant.

There were people who built dams and reservoirs.

There was a blessing of nature (rain)

The water we use regularly benefits from the power of nature and the everyday people.

The parable above is water, but what is convenient and good is the “miracle” created by the collective power of everyone.

Therefore, if you can “thank” for the benefits you receive every day, your consciousness and emotions will harmonize (stabilize) without losing balance, and good things will continue.



To summarize the story

1. Pay attention to the downside and look back on yourself.

2. Accumulate virtues.

3. Thanks for everything.

These are three things to avoid trouble.

It is natural for us living in this world to feel that when good goes on, “bad happens.”

If “good things” continue in the future, understand that “what you have done is back with good results.”

And it is also a bridge to good. 

Thank you very much.(人ё)☆